NBA lockout affecting a back new look Trailblazers squad

25 Oct

With the NBA lockout looking to extend at least a few more weeks we weigh at the pros and cons of extended rest.


  • Roy and Oden, both fighting infamous knee problems get the benefit of more rest and healing, this may be more beneficial to Oden because he could potentially have a full recovery while Roy may only get back to two thirds of himself. But you never know, with the extra rest these could be two huge players on the team this year and even if Roy never completely heals we know he can still win playoff games for us.
  • During the lockout Camby was pulled over and caught with marijuana. With more and more time passing less people will even remember the incident and Camby can remain a rebounding hero in Portland.
  • With more and more weeks going by the Blazers might be able to pick up a proven GM, the extra time in a search definitely can’t hurt can it?
  • Lastly, the longer the fans have to wait to see there team now ran by Raymond Felton sure to add some offensive speed, the louder and more intense the already great Trailblazers fans will be. Portland has two major sports teams ( if you consider MLS ) and with that one team on hold the pressure continues to build.
  • The newest leader of the Trailblazers is on hold. Aldridge is slowly turning into what may be the next great power forward of the NBA and the longer he has to wait the less time he can be on the floor improving against other NBA stars. He is getting so good that only more experience can make him even better.
  • Yeah we may forget about Camby’s little pot possession that nobody really cares about anyways, but with more time passing by he certainly isn’t getting any younger.
  • The team is built to contend for the next few years with a ton of young talent, losing this season and any games hurt this stellar team and we could potentially lose a year where we could make a deep playoff run. We just wanna watch this team play already.
  • Free agency. When the NBA lockout ends, if it does, we will be jumping straight into games. This means we will have to work fast if we want to pick up another key piece to the championship puzzle. We could really use a big man and if we would have this offseason to do that i am sure we would have another PF or C practicing with the team right now.
  • Lastly, with a new PG running the offense, every practice counts. Felton will be thrown into the mix without background of the Blazer offense and the first couple games might look like street ball. The sooner Felton can practice with his new squad the better the team will be. For the first few games I wouldn’t be surprised to see Roy run the offense and have Felton come off the bench.
                                 When the season finally starts I think the Blazers will pick up a decent back-up big man and start the season a little slow. My guess is around .500 with trouble continuing to close out games. But after a few weeks with the new unit getting more practice and starts together i think the explosive offense that is sure to come with the addition of Felton will start to build leads that even the Blazers can’t squander in the 4th quarter. By the end of the year I expect the Blazers to be a three or four seed playing a team they can handle in the first round.
Note: I know I left off a few pros and cons but these are most of the major ones. Feel free to add your own ideas of how this lockout affects the Blazers, good or bad.